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[Old LJ bio. Will be edited at a later time.]

Hi, I'm Yamadori. I've been writing fan fiction for six years, though I've only published my work online for two years. I'm best known as Yamadori (without the "hane") at, which is the place I have been (and will continue to) post my work. Primarily, I'm known for writing fan fiction for the games and anime of the Blue Dragon series. My current fandoms, as of right now, are the following (ordered by likelihood of being written for): Blue Dragon, Dragon Age: Origins/Dragon Age II, Sonic the Hedgehog, Inuyasha, Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2, Astarotte no Omocha, Pokemon, Adventure Time, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, and Amagami SS. My interests span a wide variety, but for the moment I'll only name a few: birds, video games, anime, Japanese language/culture, reading, basketball, listening to music and writing fan fiction. In addition, I am learning Japanese and know a little bit of Spanish (though the latter isn't very strong right now; I haven't seriously studied Spanish for about ten or eleven years). I will primarily be using this account at LiveJournal for posting fan fiction, participating in writing communities, and writing anime/game reviews. I will be simultaneously posting fan fiction at both LiveJournal and This profile will probably be updated regularly as I get the hang of things, so I apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience.

That's all for now. Thank you for stopping by!

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adventure time, ai yori aoshi, air (anime), amagami, animal crossing, anime, arjuna, astarotte no omocha, avatar: the last airbender, away shuffle dungeon, baldur's gate ii, basketball, birds, blue dragon, boogiepop phantom, book thief, books, cardcaptor sakura, cassandra clare, chobits, code lyoko, courage the cowardly dog, cowboy bebop, dark cloud, dears, diamond daydreams, digimon, disgaea, dragon age, earth girl arjuna, escaflowne, eternal sonata, evangelion, fan fiction, final fantasy, final fantasy: crystal chronicles, fire emblem, frogs, gemma doyle trilogy, girls bravo, gunslinger girl, harvest moon, hitoshi sakimoto, hokkaido, infernal devices, inuyasha, inuyasha: sotcm, jade cocoon 2, japan, jill decoy association, kamichu, kaname kururugi, kannazuki no miko, kanon, kare kano, karin, key the metal idol, kiddy grade, kiki's delivery service, last exile, legend of korra, littlebigplanet, lord of the rings, lost odyssey, love hina, mahoromatic, mai hime, mai otome, mario, masashi hamauzu, mass effect, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, mew mew power, mizuiro, mortal instruments, music, naruto, nausicaa, nba, neo ranga, neverwinter nights, nobuo uematsu, paper mario, phantom brave, pokemon, princess mononoke, psychonauts, r.o.d., reading, sailor moon, samurai champloo, scrapped princess, sheep (game), shenmue, shu x bouquet, snails, sonic the hedgehog, spirited away, star trek, star wars, stellvia, tales of symphonia, tales of vesperia, tenchu: fatal shadows, tenjou tenge, tokikake, turtles, urusei yatsura, vandread, video games, wild arms 4, wind waker (zelda), witchblade (anime), wnba, writing, xtc, yellowjackets
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