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Title: Royal Flush
(This NaNoWriMo project is a fan fiction)
Fandom: Blue Dragon (Anime)
Full Summary: Alternate Storyline. Led by General Rogi, Rosenkreuz is forcing the world under its heel, and the Resistance is the only hope in sight. However, when the army arrives in the city of Heliwood, their leader Legolas gambles away the Resistance’s funds and becomes indebted to the mayor. Most of the army is forced to work to pay off the debt, each of them being given a different job to meet the demand. Shu, a twelve-year-old boy from Talta who is one of the best and brightest of the Resistance army, is given the task of guarding Heliwood’s casino. But when he meets a girl working there, things will never be the same for him.
Genre(s): Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fantasy, Humor, Friendship, Drama
Characters: Shu, Bouquet, Kluke, Jiro, Zola, Marumaro, Noi, Sergey Andropov, Primula, Dragnov, Rogi, Rudolf, Rottares, Michael, Hildegard, Fagino, Legolas, Konrad L. Lorentz, Cleese, Daner, Matilda, Schneider, Cynthia, Gilliam, Lemaire, Tarkovsky, Vermillion, Furioso, Szabo, Delphinium, Deathroy, Homeron, Xi, Fushira (Minor OCs included, as well as only-mentioned main characters; others not mentioned to avoid spoilers)
Pairings: Shu x Bouquet, Jiro x Kluke, Andropov x Kluke, mild Shu x Kluke, Lemaire x Cynthia, mild Jiro x Zola, Rogi x Zola / Platonic Pairings: Dragnov/Shu, Marumaro/Noi, Kluke/Bouquet, Jiro/Shu, Schneider/Andropov
Rating: 14-15 and up (Suggested)
Warnings: Some mild sexual themes, mild to moderate violence, mentions of rape, possible character death
Author's Notes: Almost all information is subject to change. Follows much of Season One's framework plot, with changes - namely, only a few Shadows are present at the story's start (Killer Bat, Berserker, Delphinium’s Shadow, and all Shadows used by the members of Rosenkreuz). Has some darker themes than canon in BDA, but still retains some of the series' lightness.


Word Count

November 1st: 1,766
November 2nd: 1,535
November 3rd: 1,524
November 4th: 1,934
November 5th: 306
November 6th: 2,132
November 7th: 585
November 8th: 865
November 9th: 2,014
November 10th: 2,641
November 11th: 624
November 12th: 2,019
November 13th: 367
November 14th: 794
November 15th: 3,028
November 16th: 2,614
November 17th: 3,637
November 18th: 1,595
November 19th: 827
November 20th: 1,429
November 21st: 3,604
November 22nd: 987
November 23rd: 2,281
November 24th: 2,794
November 25th: 916
November 26th: 2,514
November 27th: 1,906
November 28th: 2,554
November 29th: 1,314
November 30th: 2,506



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Re: NaNoWriMo Word-Count

Date: 2011-11-27 09:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yamadori-hane.livejournal.com
Thanks, Inita! I'll do my best. :D

Don't worry; you'll get there. I know you can do it! (^^) Just keep at it, and you'll make it. :)

I've realized now that even if I make the word count, I'm still going to writing "Royal Flush" for a while afterwards. XD But yes, and I'm looking forward to putting it up as well. :) Oh, definitely; I don't know what I'll do if it hits November 1st while I'm in the middle of a chapter, but I suppose I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. (^^;)

It's okay; I'm pretty tired myself right now. Oh, God... I'd ask how things are going, but that's probably better reserved for a PM (I'll reply to the messages as soon as I can... I'm trying to switch back and forth between comments and PMs, so that I won't neglect either). Regardless, I hope everything's okay... Oh; gotcha. My computer's like that, except it isn't a laptop. XD

I will. Thank you. :)

The real thing should be up soon; three days to go. :D

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