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Title: Today Is Better Than Yesterday
(This NaNoWriMo project is a fan fiction)
Fandom: Blue Dragon (Anime)
Full Summary: Post-Tenkai. It's been nearly three months since Rudolf's defeat, and Shu has gone back to Talta Village in order to return to some semblance of a normal life - and, perhaps, in an attempt to run from his feelings concerning Bouquet and Kluke, which have become more confusing than ever. That changes, though, when Bouquet arrives to tell Shu that he's been summoned to Nirvana by Primula. Things become even more complicated when Noi arrives in Talta the following day, saying that his position as chairman has been revoked by leaders in his home world, and asking if he can stay with Shu for a while. And when Shu, Bouquet and Noi finally do leave for Nirvana, it isn't until too late that they realize they have three certain boys following after them... The ensuing journey will lead them to discoveries, both about themselves and those around them, that they could never have imagined.
Genre(s): Friendship, Action/Adventure, Romance, Family, Crime, Suspense, Drama, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery, Angst
Characters: Shu, Bouquet, Noi, Kobun-tachi (Tsubasa, Hibiki, Taichi; names given), Jiro, Kluke, S. Andropov, Primula, Marumaro, Marcus (OC), Rottares, Hildegard, Xi, Tarkovsky, Szabo, Fushira, Marie, Rom, Kluke’s Students, Delphinium, Deathroy, Rogi, Matilda, Konrad, Cleese, Danell, Legolas, Minor OCs
Pairing(s): Shu x Bouquet/Kluke, Jiro x Kluke x Andropov triangle, Marumaro x Primula, Tsubasa x Bouquet crush / Platonic Pairings: Shu/Noi friendship, Shu/Kobun-tachi friendship, Noi/Kobun-tachi friendship, Bouquet/Kobun-tachi friendship, Marumaro/Noi friendship, (platonic pairing omitted to avoid spoilers)
Rating: 13-14 and up
Warnings: Mild to moderate suggestive themes, mild violence, one or two disturbing scenes
Author's Notes: I'm embarrassed to say that I have screwed up while translating some names. The most embarrassing part is that it took me three/four years to realize it! The changed names are the following - "Gridr" is now "Cleese", "Daner" is now "Danell", and "Rome" is now "Rom". God-willing, those are the only names I messed up. / Title is taken from the (translated) opening line of season one's second ending theme, Kokoro. Translation by Star-Fansubs. (I have also decided to give this story the nickname of Kyou, or sometimes Kyou wa, taken from the actual Japanese lyrics.) / Unlike other stories, this one refers to Shu's Three Friends as the "Kobun-tachi". "Kobun" means "follower" in Japanese, and is actually how the three boys are referred to as in the credits of the episodes they appear in. / Concerning the names of the Kobun-tachi: Tsubasa, Hibiki and Taichi are actually names that I gave to the boys, but I did it so long ago - before I joined this site - that it became natural for me to call them that, and I forgot to mention it once I joined the site and started publishing my stories. I think there was some confusion concerning this in one of my stories - maybe Precious Memories - so as soon as I have the chance, I'll put a formal note mentioning it. In any case, if anyone would like to use these names, you're more than welcome. / Today Is Better Than Yesterday shares elements with Fierruneru no Unmei. After the story is published, there will be notes in the chapters with further explanations. In a side but related note, Today Is Better Than Yesterday has become my primary season three fan fiction (it's not quite my primary anime fic; in terms of that, it is currently tied with Maple Leaf/Maple Sky). / While the story I have plotted out should remain mostly intact - and I do have the majority of this plotted out, fortunately - there may be some slight changes on occasion. Anything too serious will either be reflected here in the Project Profile or within the story notes when it has been published. / A slightly more insignificant note: concerning the "Warnings", though I say "mild to moderate" suggestive themes, it's not really anything worse than what's in the actual anime. The difference here is that I'm going to be slightly more descriptive - a bit like in Royal Flush, though it won't be anywhere near as dark as it is in that fic - and not skip over things because I'm feeling shy/squeamish (which I have a tendency to do; I don't know if anyone noticed or not).


Word Count

November 1st: 2,294
November 2nd: 2,392
November 3rd: 1,026
November 4th: 1,503
November 5th: 880
November 6th: 2,948
November 7th: 2,043
November 8th: 1,008
November 9th: 600
November 10th: 1,243
November 11th: 1,267
November 12th: 870
November 13th: 813
November 14th: 1,238
November 15th: 1,111
November 16th: 1,562
November 17th: 476
November 18th: 288
November 19th: 504
November 20th: 1,352
November 21st: 465
November 22nd: 442
November 23rd: 1,246
November 24th: 447
November 25th: 1,024
November 26th: 1,471
November 27th: 3,130
November 28th: 727
November 29th: 2,142
November 30th: 2,174



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Re: 'Sup -shot for Ghetto English-

Date: 2012-11-03 09:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yamadori-hane.livejournal.com
Hi, Inita! :D I know! Not that I don't like the anime, because I still love it, but... I was going to write for BDG this year and I was really looking forward to doing it. But on the 31st, I knew that I didn't have enough inspiration to last through November. The main source of my inspiration for BDA is likely because I had a little self-induced marathon and finished out Viz's sub of Tenkai. I've got so many ideas for BDA oneshots and drabbles bouncing around in my head that it isn't even funny. Gracious, have things really gotten that bad...? To be honest, I'm not up to date with what's been happening at the Blue Dragon archive. I've been steadily (key word) working on birthday presents, but other than that, I've relatively been out of the loop. Seems like things might be getting out of hand, though; I'd better get my act together and get writing! ;)

It's okay, don't worry! We all like what we like, you know? I love Blue Dragon, but I know that not everyone does, and mostly, I'm okay with that. And hey, you never know - maybe you just need some time away from it for a while. There are things I haven’t played or watched for years that I’m getting back into only now. So... Maybe you're not really into it right now, but things can still happen down the road and interest can be renewed. And if it isn't, then don't worry about it; just write what you like. :) About the anime... It's alright, you don't have to explain; from a few things I've read, I think I know where your mindset is concerning it. I don't always agree, but that's okay. :) I love and enjoy both seasons of it, and right now, I'm loving and enjoying it more than ever. But that doesn't mean /you/ have to. There's one thing I'd like to say, though: concerning the characters in BDA, when I write about them, I like to think of myself as a pseudo-character-archeologist - digging and brushing away layers to show what's always been there. :) (*laughs* Most definitely! While I've been watching both seasons through Viz, I've been astonished to find myself endeared to Legolas. Mostly due to seeing how irritating and selfish a certain character can be. *coughKrestacough* There's some residual grudge from his earlier encounters with Bouquet, but I've let most of it go. That said, yes - he is definitely /the/ wackiest character in the series...)

I saw it; looks like it's gonna be a good one. :D Oh, /absolutely/. I'm not quite sure I've been as pleasantly surprised this year as when I found out that you had gotten into The World Ends With You; I'd already had the game for about two or three months at that point. I managed to play it back in September, and even though I only did a play-test, I can already tell I'm going to love it. :D I've been trying to cycle through some of my other games first, because I know when I come around to TWEWY again I'm probably going to have trouble putting it down. XD

Thanks! And me too - I was literally looking at it and going "wait, what, I did that? Why couldn't I do that last year?" It helps that I chose Today Is Better Than Yesterday, because I planned most of it last year. (However, there are some semi-episodic parts of it that were dependent on reviews. So... Basically, in a few days, I'm screwed.) It was also good to watch Tenkai; between all of the "Oh my God, it's 3 pm, I only have 300+ words" and the "Oh my God, it's 9 pm, I only have 700+ words" I squeezed in a bit... It seemed to help.(Don't worry! Last year I had /nine whole days/ where I got less than a thousand words, and I /still/ did over 50,000. Just keep working at it and you'll make it. :) Maybe watching some gameplay videos of TWEWY or playing the game might help; for me, keeping BDA fresh in my mind seems to help, so maybe that would work with TWEWY as well. :))

I won't. :) (And you, too. Only do as much as you can do.) The real deal for me was last year - I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of doing it. This year is more lax for me. Unlike Royal Flush, Today Is Better Than Yesterday will definitely be changed if there are any mistakes because a) it was never supposed to be a NaNoWriMo project and b) this one is too important to me to let any mistakes linger. So, really, I'm just going to do my best. :)

You take care too, Inita!
Edited Date: 2012-11-03 09:53 am (UTC)

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